Simple questions

QUOTE: “My experience with President Ivins, unfortunately, the past year and a half, is that he has never answered my questions. Not a single question. I have asked you 3 questions over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. 20 times. And the specific questions that I asked is: What error or mistakes in the CES Letter, or on the website, is incorrect so I can publicly correct it? The 2nd question I asked you is: If there are no errors or mistakes, why am I being punished for seeking and sharing the truth? And the 3rd question I asked you is: What question am I being punished for? And you have not answered a single one of them.” –Jeremy Runnells, during his disciplinary council, 17 April 2016. [source]

COMMENTARY: When an organization hates you because you published facts and drew logical conclusions about them based on those facts, it’s probably best that you’re no longer a member of that organization. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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  1. Jeremy, This is brilliant! You should apply at Project Veritas! They are hiring people like you who haven’t had their critical thinking skills programmed into oblivion! Thank you for your discernment and courage, and for sharing your journey.

    I pray for Biblical justice for these supposed ‘elders’ who are part of a global cabal — masters at the art of deception. It’s time the world knows the truth about all of it!!

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