Do not sell them for money

QUOTE: “Let me give you a definition in brief. Your endowment is, to receive all those ordinances in the house of the Lord, which are necessary for you, after you have departed this life, to enable you to walk back to the presence of the Father, passing the angels who stand as sentinels, being enabled to give them the key words, the signs and tokens, pertaining to the holy Priesthood, and gain your eternal exaltation in spite of earth and hell.” –Brigham Young, Journal of Discourses, vol. 2, p. 31. [source]

LDS ENDOWMENT CEREMONY: Peter: “Have you any tokens or signs?”
Lucifer: “Have you any money?”
Peter: “We have sufficient for our needs.”
Lucifer: “You can buy anything in this world for money.”
Peter: “Do you sell your tokens or signs for money? You have them, I presume.”
Adam: “I have them, but I do not sell them for money. I hold them sacred. I am looking for the further light and knowledge Father promised to send me.”
Peter: “That is right. We commend you for your integrity.”
[no official source available, but just google “lds endowment ceremony“]

COMMENTARY: If you don’t pay the church ten percent of your income, the leaders will not allow you to participate in the religious ordinance they call the “endowment,” in which they teach that money should not be a factor in the transaction of religious ordinances. That sounds a bit hypocritical to me. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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  1. Self-righteousness Superiority above others. I don’t fit in and never will. I cannot save myself.I need a Savior (I am a sinner (Romans 3:28) and (Hebrews 9:22)The Church does not determine what the Bible teaches.The Bible determines what the Church must teach

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