For men only

this is for men only

Kate Kelly: “I understand that all men, even men who are not members of the church and have no investment in Mormonism are permitted to attend. I am a returned missionary and a faithful Mormon woman and I would like to listen to the prophet in person.”

Doug Peterson: “This session is actually for men only.”

Ruth Todd: “You didn’t really think you would get in, did you?”

Kate Kelly: “In all sincerity, I did. After Elder Uchtdorf’s talk today I was filled with hope that if there was room for us in the church there would be room for us in the Conference Center.”

Ruth Todd: “But just think of how wonderful it is that the session is now broadcast and how many people did not have access to it before.”

Kate Kelly remarked later: “But somehow, after my hopes were dashed in such a visceral and personal way, listening to the session in the park on a cell phone in the cold did not seem like much of a consolation in that moment.”


QUOTE: “Millions of women in this church do not share the views of this small group who organized today’s protest, and most church members would see such efforts as divisive.” -Church spokeswoman Ruth Todd [source]

COMMENTARY: If requesting tickets, not getting them, and then standing quietly in line to ask to enter a meeting is a protest, then there are a lot of protestors at every LDS General Conference session. I’ve seen the lines for non-ticket-holders. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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