Google no evil

QUOTE: “It was only a generation ago that our young people’s access to information about our history, doctrine, and practices was basically limited to materials printed by the Church. Few students came in contact with alternative interpretations. Mostly, our young people lived a sheltered life. Our curriculum at that time, though well-meaning, did not prepare students for today—a day when students have instant access to virtually everything about the Church from every possible point of view. Today, what they see on their mobile devices is likely to be faith-challenging as much as faith-promoting. … Teach them about the challenges they face when relying upon the Internet to answer questions of eternal significance. Remind them that James did not say, ‘If any of you lack wisdom, let him Google!’” –M. Russell Ballard, 26 February 2016. [source]

COMMENTARY: If you have to protect your church members from the truths about your church they’ll find on Google, then maybe your church isn’t as dedicated to truth and transparency as you’d like to believe. Any time you approach a problem and decide that the best solution is more child indoctrination, that’s a sure sign you’re doing it wrong. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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