I saw your day, sorta

SCRIPTURE: “Behold, I speak unto you as if ye were present, and yet ye are not. But behold, Jesus Christ hath shown you unto me, and I know your doing.” –Mormon 8:35. [source]

QUOTE: “There are three areas where members of the Church, influenced by social and political unrest, are being caught up and led away. I chose these three because they have made major invasions into the membership of the Church. In each, the temptation is for us to turn about and face the wrong way, and it is hard to resist, for doing it seems so reasonable and right. The dangers I speak of come from the gay-lesbian movement, the feminist movement (both of which are relatively new), and the ever-present challenge from the so-called scholars or intellectuals.” –Boyd K. Packer, 18 May 1993. [source]

COMMENTARY: For a church that claims to have a book of scripture containing the fulness of the gospel, the LDS church sure spends a lot of time and energy preaching against things that weren’t important enough to make the prophet Mormon’s cut, even though he supposedly saw our day and knew the struggles we would face and wrote the book for us. Which makes me wonder: was the Book of Mormon written for our day? or was it written for Joseph Smith’s day? How should I know? I’m just another apostate.

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