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  1. God already granted us reason. We were made in his image. God is immaterial and gave us an immaterial mind to reason with. Christians don’t believe we are in a deterministic, material world where our thoughts are solely determined by previous blind cause and effects. You are more than stardust. How you use your ability to reason is up to you, but God already gave it to you 🙂

    1. Hallelujah! My prayers have been answered. With such heady success, maybe next year I’ll pray that they actually use it.

      (And please point out, if you will, where I claimed that Christians believe in a deterministic universe. If I didn’t, then I’m afraid you are wasting your time and mine defending against such a claim.)

  2. Dear B.
    Can you please explain how you have come to believe that human mind is immaterial. What thoughts and observations have brought you to this conclusion?

    1. the brain completely changes every 8 years, yet I remember things from much longer. I’m thinking of a pink elephant, is there a pink elephant in my head?

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