Mormon girls can’t

no girls allowed

QUOTE: “God has bestowed upon us a gift most precious and wonderful. It carries with it the authority to govern the Church, to administer in its affairs, to speak with authority in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to act as His dedicated servants, to bless the sick, to bless our families and many others. It serves as a guide by which to live our lives. In its fulness, its authority reaches beyond the veil of death into the eternities that lie ahead. There is nothing else to compare with it in all this world. Safeguard it, cherish it, love it, live worthy of it.” -Gordon B. Hinckley, in the all-male Priesthood Session of General Conference, April 2002. [source]

COMMENTARY: The Good Old Mormon Priesthood Boys Club: No Girls Allowed. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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