Ostracizing for Jesus

LETTER FROM THE FIRST PRESIDENCY: “Our concern with respect to children is their current and future well-being and the harmony of their home environment. The provisions of Handbook 1, Section 16.13, that restrict priesthood ordinances for minors, apply only to those children whose primary residence is with a couple living in a same-gender marriage or similar relationship. … All children are to be treated with utmost respect and love. They are welcome to attend Church meetings and participate in Church activities. All children may receive priesthood blessings of healing and spiritual guidance.” –from a letter from the First Presidency dated 13 November 2015. [source]

COMMENTARY: Okay, I understand the church is ostracizing these children for their own good. But nobody has explained to me exactly how being a member of the church harms children, how denying children saving ordinances and access to the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost but not shielding them from church teachings or culture alleviates that harm, or why only certain children are worthy of the church’s benevolent protection. Until the church explains those clearly, I can only assume they are using the “protect the children” line as a smokescreen to allow them to discriminate without offending their less astute members. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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