Are you in the right church?

are you in the right church?

MODERN SCRIPTURE: “On the twenty-seventh day of June, 1844, at five and a half o’clock in the afternoon, James J. Strang was in the Spirit, and the Angel of God came unto him and saluted him, saying, Fear God and be strengthened and obey him, for great is the work which he hath required at thy hand. Go on in hope and strength, and falter not, and he will sustain thee, and thou shalt triumph, for the voice of the Lord by the mouth of Joseph will he fulfill. And the Angel of the Lord stretched forth his hand unto him and touched his head, and put oil upon him and said, Grace is poured upon thy lips, and God blesseth thee with the greatness of the Everlasting Priesthood. He putteth might and glory and majesty upon thee, and in meekness and truth and righteousness will he prosper thee.” -Revelations of James J. Strang, section 4, verses 1-3. [source]

COMMENTARY: You might think: “Well, just look at the crazy doctrines Strang declared after he led his followers away from Nauvoo.” But do you hold Brigham Young to the same standard? Seems he had quite a few doozies himself. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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