Wedding worthiness

FAQ: “I have family members who cannot enter the temple. What can I do to help them feel included in my temple marriage? This can be a tender subject. Since the temple is the house of the Lord, dedicated to Him, those who enter must hold a current temple recommend, which certifies that they are living by the standards He has set. However, those who do not have a current temple recommend are welcome on temple grounds, and most temples have a room where they can wait while family members are being sealed. A couple with family members who cannot enter the temple may invite their bishop or another Church member to stay with them in the waiting room.” –from the Temple FAQ page at [source]

COMMENTARY: Since Mormons think it’s perfectly acceptable to exclude people from attending their weddings because those people don’t follow the Mormon faith’s silly “standards of living,” I am certain they will have no issue being excluded from my wedding because they don’t agree with my beliefs. By having a recommend, they demonstrate that they voluntarily provide financial support to an organization that actively opposes and fights against equal rights for women and gays. If they believe that people’s behaviors based on their beliefs—such as drinking coffee or tea—should exclude them from attending a wedding because those behaviors make them “unworthy,” then their opposition to equality most certainly makes them unworthy to attend mine. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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