Don’t think too hard

QUOTE: “We will not and cannot lead you astray. … I have discovered in my ministry that those who have become lost and confused are typically those who have most often forgotten that when the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve speak with a united voice, it is the voice of the Lord for that time. … Sometimes faithful Latter-day Saints and sincere investigators begin to focus on the ‘appendages’ instead of on the fundamental principles. That is, Satan tempts us to become distracted from the simple and clear message of the restored gospel. Those so distracted often give up partaking of the sacrament because they have become focused, even preoccupied, with less important practices or teachings. Others may focus on the questions and doubts they experience.” –M. Russell Ballard, Stay in the Boat and Hold On!, in General Conference, October 2014. [source]

COMMENTARY: Remember, if you have questions or doubts about the church, its doctrines, or its practices, those are only appendages. The fundamental principle you have to focus on is that the church is true. Everything else is only a corollary. Satan wants to bog you down in distracting details and minor concerns, but Jesus wants you to pray, pay, and obey. And wouldn’t you rather follow Jesus than Satan? I certainly would. So don’t think too hard; that’s Satan’s plan. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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