It’s a buyer’s market

ENDOWMENT CEREMONY: PETER: “Do you sell your tokens or signs for money? You have them, I presume.” ADAM: “I have them, but I do not sell them for money. I hold them sacred. I am looking for the further light and knowledge Father promised to send me.” PETER: “That is right. We commend you for your integrity.” –from the LDS temple endowment ceremony. The LDS church does not publish the transcript of this ceremony, but you can find it with a quick google search: [source]

COMMENTARY: They say Satan works by telling very subtle lies. In the temple ceremony, Peter asks a question to make it seem as though the secret handshakes taught in the temple are so valuable that people might try to buy the knowledge of them in exchange for cold hard cash. But it’s not true. Nobody outside the religion cares about the secret Mormon handshakes required to get into heaven. If they find out you believe in such things they just look at you like you’re weird. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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