Mormon and gay

FACT: The LDS Church recently launched a new website

COMMENTARY: If you are both gay and Mormon, you’re going to have a hard life. Guess what, though? It’s possible to change one of the two. Watching a few of the videos on the new website, its obvious that church leaders expect gay Mormons to be miserable in this life so that they can have blessings in the next life. Which is totally cool, if you believe that you’ll have another life after this one, and if you don’t care that the gospel is supposed to be a message of happiness for mortality as well. If following God’s perfect plan for you doesn’t bring you joy during your time in this life, are you really sure you want to try to live it forever? Here’s the truth: you’re just fine the way you are. You aren’t broken. You don’t have to fix your sexual orientation. If you leave the Mormon church you’ll discover there is plenty of joy in store for you in this life as well, and God loves you and supports you in your desires for affection, acceptance, and love. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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