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  1. Are you suggesting that Jesus never existed? You would be laughed out of any secular university’s history department for something so ridiculous.

    1. Just as there is a difference between Saint Nicholas and Santa Claus, there is a difference between any actual man known as Jesus who may have lived thousands of years ago and the mythological Jesus presented in scripture. It is the mythological Jesus and the mythological Santa Claus to whom I refer in this post. I have no desire to contest the historical details, scant as they may be, of the actual man Jesus.

  2. Scant? They are the most evident of any ancient historical figure. If you want to learn about the Jesus of history and deny the biblical text for whatever reason, read the external evidence to learn about his life.

    1. Awesome. When was his birthday? What were the names and birthdates of his siblings? In what cities did he live during which years? What was his occupation? What was the name of his wife? How many children did he have? What were their names? Did he ever have any run-ins with the law? If so, what were the documented charges? What was the date of his death? Can you document the answer to any of these questions without referencing the Bible?

  3. Lol! Are you asking me to use my free will to research this?
    I will let this one go… You truly have no idea about ancient history.

  4. Feel free to do so? Free? As if I can freely choose?

    To ask for evidence like that for Jesus of Nazareth is like asking for video tape evidence of something before the camera was invented. It’s a ludicrous expectation as has nothing to do with whether or not he was historically crucified and the tomb was historically empty.

    Nearly all atheistic and agnostic historians admit his death and the empty tomb; they just have alternate theories as to why it was empty. I now clearly see how you ended up in your worldview.

    1. Huh. Sounds like you are in agreement with my description of historical evidence of Jesus as “scant” after all. As I said, I have no desire to debate the historical Jesus. The focus of this post is on the mythological Jesus. I equate the mythological Jesus with the mythological Saint Nicholas.

      1. YOU equate? Who is you if there is no free will? You have no desire to debate? Are you choosing not to? Again, how do you choose without free will?

        You being ignorant is not a personal dig at all hun! Everyone is ignorant, just in different areas. A few of your areas just happen to be logic, common sense, and the study of ancient history.

        1. If you disagree with my assessment of the evidence of the historical Jesus as “scant,” then please demonstrate otherwise. When I said that you were turning to personal barbs, it was not because I was offended by your accusation of ignorance, but rather that my knowledge or lack thereof is not the issue being debated. Let’s keep on topic and debate the issue rather than the people involved. If I am indeed ignorant, then please show my ignorance by referencing the abundant evidence of the historical Jesus.

          Speaking of staying on topic, you seem intent on making this a discussion about free will. Have you decided that your stance on the current topic is indefensible and you want to argue about something else instead?

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