No gay animals

no gay animals

QUOTE: “Animals are not subject to moral law. Nevertheless, while by and large they are promiscuous in responding to their mating instincts, their mating rituals have set patterns and have rigid limitations. For instance, animals do not pair up with their own gender to satisfy their mating instincts. Nor are these instincts expressed in the molestation of their offspring. The source of life is now relegated to the level of unwed pleasure, bought and sold and even defiled in satanic rituals. Children of God can willfully surrender to their carnal nature and, without remorse, defy the laws of morality and degrade themselves even below the beasts.” -Elder Boyd K. Packer, in General Conference, April 1992. [source]

COMMENTARY: Was he speaking as a prophet? Why hasn’t he issued an apology about this statement yet? Just my opinion, but he should probably stick to being a prophet rather than a scientist next time. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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