Not without Joseph’s consent

QUOTE: “Joseph Smith holds the keys of this last dispensation, and is now engaged behind the veil in the great work of the last days. … No man or woman in this dispensation will ever enter into the celestial kingdom of God without the consent of Joseph Smith. From the day that the Priesthood was taken from the earth to the winding-up scene of all things, every man and woman must have the certificate of Joseph Smith Jr. as a passport to their entrance into the mansion where God and Christ are…. He holds the keys of that kingdom for the last dispensation—the keys to rule in the spirit world; and he rules there triumphantly, for he gained full power and a glorious victory over the power of Satan while he was yet in the flesh, and was a martyr to his religion and to the name of Christ, which gives him a most perfect victory in the spirit world. He reigns there as supreme a being in his sphere, capacity, and calling, as God does in heaven. Many will exclaim—’Oh, that is very disagreeable! It is preposterous! We cannot bear the thought!’ But it is true.” -Brigham Young, speaking in the Tabernacle, 9 October 1859, Journal of Discourses, vol. 7 p. 289. [source]

COMMENTARY: If you want to get to the highest level of Mormon heaven, Christ isn’t enough. You also need the consent of Joseph Smith Jr. I’m not sure he’ll grant it if you tell him you think he was a false prophet. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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