Olimlah or Anubis?

olimlah or anubis?

QUOTE: “The Book of Mormon, as we know, was translated by Joseph Smith from the golden plates in the custody of the angel Moroni. … Second [in the Pearl of Great Price] is the book of Abraham, which consists of five chapters. These were the writings of Abraham and also of Joseph of Egypt. They were translated by Joseph Smith from two rolls of papyrus that were found in coffins with four mummies and were discovered in the catacombs of Egypt by Antonio Sebolo, a celebrated French traveler, in 1831.” -Henry D. Taylor, in General Conference, October 1976. [source]

COMMENTARY: If the gold plates ever existed in the first place, why would we think Joseph Smith would have done any better job translating those than he did translating the papyrus? He has proven he can’t translate Egyptian. My guess is that he would do just as poorly with Reformed Egyptian. But what do I know? I’m just another apostate.

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